Container Garden Update — June 11, 2017


A few pictures of the June garden-

Overview #1, from up the “hill”:

170611 overview

Overview #2:

170611 overview2

The left column has three boxes of tomatoes, with the Tromboncino zucchini in the big trellis at the back. Continuing to the right in the front row- the next box over has the Oregon Spring tomatoes. The rest of the front row (L-R) is three pepper boxes and then a box of basil. The rear trellis contains the tomatillos, the center trellis has cucumbers, and the rightmost trellis has the surviving melon plant and a new Siletz tomato plant.

The tomatillos are chest-high:

170611 tomatillo

The Oregon Spring are doing their usual early thing. There are lots of blooms and a few fruit:

170611 oregon spring

The Tromboncino will need to be trained to the trellis soon:

170611 tromboncino

Moving to the front yard — we got another good batch of (very big and fat) peas:

170611 peas

There are still more on the vines, though the vines are beginning to look a little “cooked”:

170611 peas2

The lettuces in the top of the salad table are doing well:

170611 lettuce

The front yard now has four little volunteer pansies:

170611 pansy


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.


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