FlatbreadGarden is a journal focused on baking and gardening vaguely north of Seattle.

This website is based on the now-defunct Cheap Seat Eats. Note that any of the hundreds or thousands of internal links that called to Cheap Seat Eats (aka “CSE”) are now broken and will likely never be repaired. If a post was written by “A.J.” or with no mention of the name of the author then I wrote it. Any other author mentioned will have been written by friends of mine who were guest-writing at the time.

There is a Search Bar at the bottom of FlatbreadGarden if you’re looking for a specific post or subject.

As part of the transition from “blog” to “journal” the frequency of posting may wind up being very inconsistent. Driving traffic through constant posting is not one of the goals of this site. I think of this site as my baking and gardening journal, though there may be some other subjects touched on from time to time, such as sports, games, our solar panels, or our cats.

If you find something especially fun or useful, or have questions about a post, please let me know in the comments.

And if a post calls out “yeast” I’m referring to Instant (Not Rapid-Rise) Yeast. I may have gotten careless about calling out the specific variety of yeast over the last few years. “Salt” is Kosher Salt unless called out differently.

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