What is GNOIF? It’s our Game Night Of Indeterminate Frequency:




The GNOIF design document/faq post:

Q1.  What is GNOIF?

A1.  GNOIF is the Game Night Of Indeterminate Frequency. The schedule will likely be to do a GNOIF at least quarterly. Basically, GNOIF will happen on periodic weekend nights where Something Else didn’t get in the way.

Q2.  What do I bring?

A2.  BYOB and snacky food (please don’t bring anything messy and/or sticky, to avoid collateral damage to the games). Make a point to eat before you come. This will allow us to focus on the games, and to avoid the logistics of ordering/paying for food. The thought is that if you eat around 4-5 pm you can live off snacks and beverages the rest of the night. Feel free to bring that game you’re amped about, but don’t count on it getting played unless someone else gets excited about it too.

Q3.  What will we play?

A3.  If we break games into three groups based upon how “involved” they are:

Little (or Light) Games:  5 minutes to learn, less than 40 minutes to play.

Medium Games: Around 10 minutes to learn, about an hour to play.

Big (or Heavy) Games: 10+ minutes to learn, 90+ minutes to play.

We’ll be providing something like 2-3 light games, 3-4 medium games, and a heavy game or two. Note that we will *not* be playing anything from the Fred Meyer Wall Of Games. You know what I’m talking about. The focus will lean towards newer and more innovative games. Stuff we haven’t already played a million times.

My suggestion is to let people collectively decide what they want to play. I would encourage everyone to limit the number of people per game to 3-4 players. Limiting the number of players will make the games go *much* faster, decreasing downtime between turns (yawn) and allowing everyone to try multiple games in a night if they want to. There should be plenty of time for at least two playthroughs of the games.

Of course, if 4-5 people want to hole up all night with a complicated game that’s fine too.


Other stuff:

The plan right now is to give each GNOIF a title that sounds like a movie, starting with –

GNOIF: The Awakening

Expect to see writeups/post mortems posted on this website.

Update — Since the original post we’ve done GNOIF: From the Crypt (undead/horror/Halloween themed GNOIF) and GNOIF: Just Wants To Have Fun (Ladies Choice of Games).  The next GNOIF will be GNOIF: You Are My Density (atomic age/technology theme night).

Right now we’re limiting GNOIF to rl friends — we only have so much space in the house. Sorry to be a bummer.

Somewhat wrinkled T shirt, ignore the wrinkles.

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