Container Garden Update — June 25, 2017


We’ve had our first couple of really warm days, and the fans are now out of the garage. The warm-weather veggies are digging it. I love gardening this time of year because everything is young and vibrant, and the garden is growing and doing it’s own thing with a minimum of work input.

We’re going to get lots of raspberries this year. Speaking of work- I need to do a better job with the bird netting:

170625 raspberry

The beans. The edamame have been much more energetic than the filet beans, and much more bug-resistant too:

170625 beans

The cucumbers are just starting to climb the trellis:

170625 cucumbers

One of the four melon plants made it. We filled the space in the box with a Siletz tomato. In theory they should coexist well:

170625 siletz and melon

The Oregon Spring are drinking by far the most water of anything in the garden. I’m not sure if that’s a function of the box, their location, or just how much respiring is happening with all that plant mass. It may about time to thin the interior of the jungle:

170625 oregon spring

The rest of the tomatoes (L-R) Roma, Old German, Black Krim. There’s a Purple Cherokee hiding behind the Old German:

170625 tomato

The tomatillos are up to the top of the 6′ trellis:

170625 tomatillo

The Tromboncino:

170625 zucchini

A closeup of the bottom of the Tromboncino. We’ll be eating zucchini soon:

170625 zucchini closeupAn overview:

170625 overview


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

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