Container Garden Update — May 29, 2017


It’s almost June and the garden is rolling again. The Super Sugar Snap peas we planted indoors in February are now producing:

170529 peas

Attaching the trellis netting to the salad table seems to have worked very well:

170529 salad table

The view from the other side:

170529 pea plants

The Miner’s Lettuce is looking a little cooked, but the Arugula and Dill are happy in the back of the middle level:

170529 arugula and dill

Shortly after those photos were taken I draped some shade cloth over the salad table to try to discourage bolting. The lettuces on the top level are especially vulnerable on sunny days. (As an added bonus, the pea vines shade everything as well.)

One nice use for the Dill — Goat Cheese Coated With Minced Dill, Fire Roasted Tomato Flakes, and Sea Salt:

170529 goat cheese with dill

Moving to the backyard — we’re going to get a lot of rasperberries this year:

170529 raspberry

The beans we started in indoors in March(?) are coming along too. The Midori Giant Edamame seem to be more bug-resistant than the Maxibel Filet beans. The Edamame have the rounder leaves:

170529 beans

An overview of the non-pepper plants. The Minnesota Midget Melons (foreground, right) are limping along. We’ll get at least one survivor, but they all shocked due to either transplanting or the few nights we had in the low 40’s:

170529 plants

All of the squash/cucumbers/melons shocked to some degree this year, the melons just got the worst of it.

On the brighter side, the Oregon Springs are already bearing fruit:

170529 oregon spring


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.




7 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — May 29, 2017

  1. That’s a great idea with your peas, and it looks like there’s lots of pods and blossoms on the plants. I really hope your melons make it.


  2. Our lettuce has seemed ok, though the plants did seem to “bleed” more than usual when harvested. Maybe it’s the weird weather.


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