The New Salad Table

by A.J. Coltrane

I’ve been thinking about building a salad table for a while. (Or “lettuce” table, depending upon the reference.) My feeling is that it was within my ability, though the result likely wouldn’t be pretty. I also wasn’t sure that I wanted to sink that much time into it. Then I thought, maybe I could modify something pre-built, like a utility cart. A little searching in catalogs and the internet led me to here. (Amazon link.)

It’s an “industrial” utility cart. The shelves are heavy wire and have a one-inch lip all the way around. Perfect.

That price didn’t seem crazy. Plus I’d be getting three shelves instead of just one. I also wouldn’t need to buy casters or hardware cloth, so I’d be saving $20-30 right there. I still needed to buy window screen ($6) and I used three 6′ pine boards (1″ x 4″ x 72″) at about $2.50 each. The total outlay was about $85, rather than $30-50.

But I think it’s pretty awesome. The total height is about 36″ — allowing for around 14″ between the shelves.

Here it is before installing the screen:

150722 lettuce table

And with the screen installed:

150722 lettuce table2

Now it just needs seeds and soil. That will probably happen early next week. Fun new toy!


Extra special thanks to SeattleAuthor for letting me use his tablesaw. (Really, he did all the cutting.) It saved me a bunch of time and labor, and the cuts came out tons better than I could have accomplished with a regular saw.


2 thoughts on “The New Salad Table

  1. It’s certainly built like a rock. I don’t think *anything* is going anywhere.

    I also had the good sense to “practice” the screen’s cosmetic appearance on the bottom of the unit first.

    Nobody spends too much effort inspecting things close to their feet.


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