Container Garden Mini Update — July 15, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

The Lemon cucumbers are really starting to ripen. As for the Marketmores, we must have missed these monsters over the weekend:

150715 harvest

(Left to Right):  Six Lemon cucumbers (2.3 lbs);  The two of the four cherry tomatoes that didn’t get eaten before Picture Time;  Three Marketmore 76 cucumbers (3.1 lbs);  One National Pickling cucumber (0.7 lbs).  6.2 pounds total.

The big cucumber weighs just under 1.5 pounds. It was lying sideways on the wood trellis, hiding behind a leaf. I’m hoping that we can peel it and most of it will be usable.

As a group, the cucumbers are starting to look a little haggard. But then, August is only two weeks away, so maybe the cucumbers should be approaching the end of their run.


For reference. Marketmore total weights each year, through July 15:

2013:  0 — none until July 18.   End of season total:  25,414g (56.0 lbs)

2014:  0 — none until July 28.   End of season total:  20,141g (44.4 lbs)

2015:  3932 g (8.7 lbs).       As a flat guess — the warm summer weather is causing the cucumbers to produce and age rapidly, and we’ll still see something around 40-55 pounds of Marketmores by the end of the year. The candle that burns twice as fast burns half as long. Accelerated Decrepitude.


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