Container Garden Harvest Update — July 12, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

The first really good week — total production of 15.4 pounds, including the 12.2 pounds harvested tonight:

150712 harvest

(Clockwise from top left) — Marketmore 76 cucumbers (4.1 lb);  the first Sun Gold and Sweet Million tomatoes;  National Pickling cucumbers (the darker two, 1 lb);  “Calypso” pickling cucumbers (1.5 lb);  Lemon cucumbers (0.7 lb);  Tromboncino zucchini (4.7 lbs)

We have zucchini bread and a bunch of cucumber salads in our future. Also zucchini crisps, post to come.


Visit Daphne’s Dandelions, host of Harvest Monday.

7 thoughts on “Container Garden Harvest Update — July 12, 2015

  1. I’d say that the taste is very similar to a supermarket zucchini. They’re firmer than a regular zucchini, and I think that overall I prefer the texture of the Tromboncino.

    Most often we’ll either grill them (with olive oil, salt, and pepper), or make zucchini bread. They work great in both contexts.


  2. We like the taste of tromboncino squash as well, they are perfectly straight in the above photo, my trombos don’t hang straight for me.


  3. I’m with you – I love tromboncino & definitely prefer it to standard, green zucchini. I actually forgot to sow mine (how did that happen?), so I only got the seeds in a couple of weeks ago – hopefully I still get some sort of harvest from them.


  4. Taste-wise, I think they’re pretty similar, but the texture on the tromboncino is tighter, less grainy, without being any more dense. I sliced one up on my mandoline and made “zucchini fettuccini” for a salad, and it worked very nicely.


  5. I like the tromboncino in Zucchini Bread. I use the recipe that A.J. posted last year “The Best Zucchini Bread” took it to work and the next day everyone was asking for the recipe.

    I agree with Seattle Author it does have a nice texture, and soaks up marinades well.


  6. Nice harvest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tromboncino quite that straight. Even the ones grown on trellises are crooked a little. They are really pretty like that.


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