Container Garden Update — July 19, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous (non-mini/non-“harvest”) post here.  July 27, 2014 post here (note that the cucumbers in the 2nd picture of that post look nothing like the ones below on the left, though it’s the same variety.)  July 21, 2013 post here.

The hot weather continues, and the cucumbers continue to be “blocky”. Today’s harvest:

150719 harvest

Midweek. Oregon Spring and Taxis:

150717 harvest

18.8 pounds total for the period July 13-19, including 2.3 pounds of zucchini, and 15.6 pounds of all cucumber types.

An overview. Not much appears to be changing week to week, but that won’t be the case for long:

150719 overview

The next Tromboncino:

150719 tromboncino 2

Two smaller Tromboncino that are hopefully the next batch after that:

150719 tromboncino

The Black Krims are getting some size:

150719 black krim

The Tigerella:

150719 tigerella
Sun Golds:

150719 sun gold

The Taxis are almost ready to pop too:

150719 taxi

2013 total weight to date:  15.0 pounds

2014 total weight to date:  17.5 pounds

2015 total weight to date:  40.4 pounds




Visit Daphne’s Dandelions, host of Harvest Monday.

13 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — July 19, 2015

  1. Wow – that is quite the haul of cucumbers! My tromboncino vines better hurry up & grow; I’m getting worried that I may not end up harvesting any this year.


  2. The Black Krims are indeed getting some size. Not three hours after that picture was taken, their vine, and the vine that they were leaning on, collapsed. They’re now tied “up” with garden twine.

    Zero actual “casualties”, so that’s good.


  3. What wonderful harvests! I’m so glad to see you growing tromboncino! It’s been on my list for ages, just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next year… 😉 Happy harvesting!


  4. Your harvest looks wonderful! My Tromboncino is climbing tall and has a few pollinated squashes that are growing rapidly. Based on your suggestion I switched to a milk spray for PM and it’s working well on my other squashes – a few weeks ago they were slowing down but now have new leaves, new growth and some baby squashes are about to bloom.


  5. Katherine –

    Glad it worked! Credit where it’s due — I actually got the idea from SeattleAuthor.

    My Tromboncino don’t have PM, at least not yet. Hopefully milk is “the fix”.


  6. The lack of rain and moisture is probably helping, though I’d love to think we actually have a winning answer to the issue.

    I’m happy either way, so long as the plants aren’t rotting.


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