Container Garden Update — July 12, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.  July 11, 2014 post here.  July 14, 2013 post here.

Some of the lower (south-facing) leaves of the tomato plants are fried-looking from the intense June sun. It’s been (thankfully) a little bit cooler the last few days. An overview:

150712 overview

The basil got a super thorough haircut this week. I made a point to “open it up”, trimming out some of the larger leaves and “excess” growth in the interior:

150712 basil

The yield was one pound of leaves. This is about half of it:

150712 picked basil

We’re still well ahead of last year. Lots of things are ripening. The first Sun Golds:

150712 sun gold

Sweet Millions:

150712 sweet million


150712 raspberry

Lemon cucumber:

150712 lemon cucumber

The Lemon cucumbers are sharing a box with two varieties of pickling cucumbers. The Lemon cucumbers are easily more prolific:

150712 lemon cucumbers

The tomatillos. People often mistake these for an ornamental — tomatillos aren’t mainstream:

150712 tomatillo

This “Yellow Bell Pepper” is the one plant that we purchased at the Master Gardener Plant Sale. There are a whole bunch of little fruits:

150712 yellow bell

The west facing Iko Iko peppers. The white stuff is diatomaceous earth. It’s intended to discourage bugs:

150712 iko iko

The east facing Iko Iko:

150712 iko iko2

Totally different… I’m not sure what to think.

The biggest King of the North:

150712 king of the  north

Below is the first pepper that the bugs have ruined this year. I cut it open, and nothing was inside. I’m guessing earwigs or stinkbugs, or… If anyone could tell me what what’s causing it I’d really appreciate it:

150712 king of the north2

Marketmore 76 cucumbers:

150712 marketmore

The Tromboncino. I think we’ll need to harvest the big ones to see new growth. As it is, they’re basically only making male flowers:

150712 tromboncino

Still no powdery mildew, so that’s nice.

What I’ll call the first “real” caprese of the year. It’s our basil with store-bought everything else. The garlic-cilantro balsamic is by Eleven Olives. They’re local. Highly recommended:

150712 caprese

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