EarthBox Mini Update — July 8, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

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The Tromboncino zucchini had two large fruits on one vine, so I harvested the larger one with the idea that the other would get bigger, faster.

(Left to Right)  —  20″ Trombocino zucchini (853 grams, 1.9 lbs).  6″ Marketmore 76 cucumber (251 grams, 0.5 lbs).  Boy Cat looking for interesting smells.  Kitchenaid mixer:

150708 Tromboncino Cucumber

It feels like Marketmore cucumbers have been really “blocky” this year, at least so far.

(Picture taken at 9pm with natural light only, facing east. We just passed the solstice. I’m enjoying the late evening “bright” while it lasts.)

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