Container Garden Update — July 5, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.  July 7, 2014 mini update here. July 7, 2013 update here. The 2013 post includes the “zucchini breakage disaster” and a picture of the raspberry plant when it was new.

This time I tried taking pictures at dusk. An overview from last night:

150705 overview

The peas in the front yard are dying from the bottom up. I think it’s too hot:

150705 pea plants

We left a few little peas on the vines to see if they’d get bigger. Everything else is in the colander. We’d been nibbling off of the plants — the total yield was maybe 50% more than this (it’s more than it looks like):

150705 pea closeup

Considering the late start, I’m fine with that output.

The basil was well overdue for a haircut. I cut out most of the flowers. The bowl contains 1/4 pound of basil leaves:

150705 basil

An attempt at a different camera angle — standing next to the “pretty flower container”, looking towards the zucchini:

150705 jungle

The “De Mipa” tomatillo is losing some leaves (note the yellow leaves on the right of the photo), but they’re all on the same position on each node (bottom center). The rest of the plant looks healthy. I’m guessing the plant is sloughing those off on purpose(?)

Cucumbers, Tomatillos, and Tromboncino zucchini. The nearer two trellises are 6′ tall, the rear trellis is 8′. The “De Mipa” is the sprawling tomatillo. The “Mexican Strain” is now growing over the top of the trellis. It’s a good combination from a space-utilization perspective:

150705 cucumber tomatillo tromboncino

Closeup of the Tromboncino trellis:

150705 tromboncino trellis

I’d pruned out a few of the worst looking “loser” leaves earlier in the day. Overall though, they’re still looking pretty healthy and there’s no sign of powdery mildew. The back-right Tromboncino is around 24″ long:

150705 tromboncino close

The determinate tomato plants are in full output mode. The Taxis:

150705 taxi

The Romas. A different cluster of fruits from last week’s picture, these are on the west side of the plant:

150705 roma

A big, fat Marketmore 76 cucumber that I found while poking around taking pictures. A fun surprise:

150705 marketmore 76

National Pickling cucumbers, getting there. 6″ is full size:

150705 national pickling

(For reference, the “Calypso” are full-sized at 3″ long.)

There are a bunch of Lemon cucumbers around this size. They will will double or triple in size before they’re ready:

150705 lemon


I think we’re about to get overwhelmed with veggies.

4 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — July 5, 2015

  1. Lovely garden. I’m always impressed by those that can grow things in containers. I can do the really big containers, but smaller ones tend to die on me as I’m not good at watering constantly. Which is too bad as the back steps could use some pretty flowers.


  2. I’m growing some of the same varieties this year (tromboncino squash, taxi tomatoes, lemon cucumbers) – but I am bit behind where you are. All of these are in beds, though. Like Daphne, I don’t have much success with containers.


  3. Even with the water reservoir in the containers we’ve needed to water in the morning and at night the last few days — it’s been a relative heatwave in north Seattle and the concrete pad gets *hot*.

    Hopefully we’ll get a break soon.


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