EarthBox Update — June 16, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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The tomato and tomatillo plants are growing in every direction, so they got some twine to try to organize the chaos. The cabbage worms look to be at least briefly defeated, but the aphids have now found the purple basil. The lettuce and dill are gradually fading, though it was still a good harvest this week. The cilantro and parsley went ballistic and received big haircuts.  The first peppers have made their appearance.

The pics:

Side view.
Side view.

From the back door of the garage:

061513 overview 2

The epazote:

061513 epazote

The zucchini, with a beverage for size reference:

061513 zucchini

The cucumbers. They started slowly but they’re now picking up steam:

061513 cucumbers

The lettuce. It keeps growing despite all the aphid attacks and evil humans wielding kitchen shears. This pic is shortly after I harvested the Bibb [foreground.]

061513 lettuce

Next week I’ll see if I can get some good photos of tomatoes/ peppers/ whatever else pops up.


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