Chris Bosh, Rocket Scientist

By Blaidd Drwg

With the Heat facing elimination at the hands of the Spurs, Miami is changing its game-plan to try to stop Danny Green and his 66% shooting percentage from beyond the arc. Bosh’s comments:

“He has a knack for shooting, but he won’t be open tonight,” Bosh said Tuesday. “We’ll see how he shoots with somebody always on him.”

Congratulations, Chris Bosh, it took you and your coaches 5 games of getting lit up to finally figure out what a casual basketball fan could tell you – if you let a guy who regularly shoots 43% from long distance have open shots, he is going to kill you.

Shane Battier was much more articulate in his comments:

Most of [Green’s] shots come off of defensive breakdowns on our part. So it just goes into our overall game plan of playing with a sharper, clearer mind and just doing our job.

“He’s done a good job of watching our guys who are ball-hawks. We have a tendency to do that. He just goes to the open space. He utilizes the oldest trick in the book: the old blind spot.”

So the Heat’s plan is to not collapse on Tony Parker to try to cover Green. I just don’t see this ending well for the Heat.

One thought on “Chris Bosh, Rocket Scientist

  1. Two points:

    1. You can always count on Shane Battier to be more articulate than about anybody else.

    2. “Congratulations, Chris Bosh, it took you and your coaches 5 games of getting lit up…”

    I’m thinking “lit up” should be capitalized, or maybe in all caps. “LIT UP”. Or Torched. Or destroyed. Or Global Thermonuclear War or something. He is just killing them.

    I really wonder if coaches and GMs sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees, and that we’d have the same types of issues sometimes if we were that close to the situation.


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