Container Garden Update — June 9, 2019

An overview picture of the garden. In the foreground are the peppers. Tomatoes are on the left. Fortex beans are in the back right, with tomatillos in the middle-back. The Tromboncino trellis is in the far back left. (For reference, the garden is in the back yard on the west side of the house. The patio is the sunniest location we have available to garden. We now use a dozen EarthBoxes after having had good success years ago with herbs and other little edibles in our “starter” EarthBox.)

190609 overview 2

A picture from next to the Tromboncino, near the garage door:

190609 overview1

We try to harvest the Fortex beans when they’re smallish and can be cooked as haricot verts. They’re going nuts even though they’re in the worst location on the patio — they get shaded by the back deck and don’t get sun until around 1-2pm. There are two City Picker boxes end to end under the trellis, allowing for 40 plants total. We gave the beans their own trellis this year so they’d keep to themselves:

190609 fortex beans

The tomatillos. Every year it seems that there’s a stronger and a weaker plant. That’s true again this year:

190609 tomatillo

The cucumbers are just now reaching up the trellis:

190609 cucumber

The Trombonico are doing really well so far:

190609 tromboncino

We keep the raspberries in a regular pot. They’re having a good year. We usually get several handfuls of fruit:

190609 raspberry

We planted asparagus last year. It’s doing well and we’re looking forward to actually harvesting some of it starting next year. Looking at the picture, it’s pretty easy to guess which way is “south”:

190609 bed 3

The raised bed to the left of the asparagus. (L-R, lemon thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lavender that needs to be weeded):

190609 bed 1

The left-hand bed. Chives and garlic chives in the front. Sage and strawberries in the back with a thyme plant in the middle that’s getting out-competed somewhat. The chive flowers are intensely purple though the picture doesn’t really show it:

190609 bed 2

The boy cat sees a dog beyond the asparagus in the neighbor’s back yard. He’s on full alert and his tail is twitching:

190609 boy cat

The peas and the salad table in the front yard are doing well. The first peas are coming to maturity and the salad table is well-stocked with dill, cilantro, parsley, and a variety of other leafy lettuce-type things. (For reference, the pea pots are mostly on the north side of the salad table):

190609 salad table

Nighttime temperatures are supposed to be in the 50’s and above going forward. It’s now time to plant basil in the one empty EarthBox. That, and it’s time to start aggressively harvesting the salad table greens before they bolt. Even with the shade cloth July isn’t kind to salad greens in the Northwest.


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