EarthBox 2016 Recap — The Cucumbers And Zucchini


2013 Cucumbers and Zucchini recap here. 2014 here. 2015 here.

The single Tromboncino plant produced 10.9 pounds this year. That’s basically the same (per plant) as in 2014. 2015 was better, but then 2015 was better for everything. Either way, we now have lots of frozen shredded zucchini.

160814 tromboncino

I think we’ve gotten better at “tending” for the Tromboncino:  We’re quicker to remove “loser” fruits. We also harvested a lot of smaller/shorter fruits this year due to the less than ideal weather.

The Tromboncino shared a box with a Lemon cucumber, due to the lack of availability of a 2nd Tromboncino plant. The spreadsheet says that we only harvested 1.6 pounds of Lemon cucumbers. I can believe that weight, as they were out-competed by the Tromboncino. This will be another argument for not mixing different plants in the same box.

The Marketmore cucumbers yielded 28.0 pounds — almost identical to last year’s output. Last year was sort of too hot for the cucumbers. 2016 was sort of too cool. Overall the fruits were much more attractive in 2016, and I think the actual harvest was of better quality.

160724 cucumber

Even as late as August 21 the cucumber plants still looked presentable:

Basil foreground left. Peppers background left. Cucucmbers center. Tomatillos background right.
Basil foreground left. Peppers background left. Cucumbers center. Tomatillos background right.

Next up:  The Tomatoes, Tomatillos, and Basil recap.

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