Container Garden Update — September 27, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.  September 29, 2014 post here.  September 30, 2013 post here.

3.4 pounds this week (only counting the EarthBoxes). We harvested the first batch of radishes, and the tomato plants offered up this:

150924 harvest

I removed the last of the annual flowers from the whiskey barrels. We’d interplanted scallions/bunch onions with the flowers, and a few of the largest scallions came inside.

150926 harvest


The smaller scallions were replanted for harvest in the spring.

We’re still seeing days in the low-mid 60’s, and the tomatoes are *still* slowly ripening. I’m guessing we’ll harvest the rest of the tomatoes this week. Here’s a view from a 2nd-story window:

150727 overview

Today the whiskey barrels and empty EarthBoxes received the ~100 Guardsman scallion starts that had been growing next to the salad table in the front yard. We also planted seeds of Mache (a.k.a. vit/corn salad), Giants of Colmar carrots, Conservor shallots, Red Baron bunch onion/scallion, Five Color Silverbeet chard, and Dragon Hybrid radishes. In theory we should be able to harvest most of that through the winter.


2013 total weight to date:  185.6 pounds

2014 total weight to date:  246.2 pounds

2015 total weight to date:  272.7 pounds

As a flat guess there are another 10-15 pounds of tomatoes in the EarthBoxes yet to be harvested.


Visit Daphne’s Dandelions, host of Harvest Monday.


5 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — September 27, 2015

  1. Well, we like scallions, and they’re one of the few things that slugs won’t mess with during our wet, mild winters.

    Sometimes I just don’t want to fight it.


  2. Good luck with your winter plantings. I always envy those that can pick things in the winter. I had thought about putting in a greenhouse but found that I don’t get any sun in the garden over the winter anyway so it wouldn’t help at all.


  3. The garden is definitely winding down now. How long is your growing season? For some reason I thought you were in a fairly moderate climate so I’m surprised that your warm weather crops are done.


  4. @ Daphne – It’s pretty mild here in the winter, usually. With any luck it won’t get super cold and the greens will survive much of the winter. The flipside is that the backyard patio is the warm place during the summer, but it faces somewhat NorthWest, and it’s kind of a cold microclimate during the winter.

    We may try row covers again — I’ve learned from experience that we won’t wade through cold, wet row covers to get to the harvest, so I’m leaning towards “without” this year and we’ll see how it goes.

    @ Margaret – We’ve already gotten a couple of nights into the 30’s. I believe first frost should be ~ October 21(?) (We’re about 5 degrees cooler than Seattle.)

    We had a relatively hot summer, and between that and the concrete pad we’re growing on — I think it made all the plants’ life cycles shorter than usual — they dumped all of their produce early and that was it.

    The other issue for us of course, is that it’s all in containers. If a summer plant is very nearly done we’ll pull it maybe a touch early so that we can put greens or winter veg in its place.


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