The Beginning Of The Winter Harvest. In March.

by A.J. Coltrane

Well now I know:  Sowing seeds in late September or early October yields basically nothing for months.

Pak Choi (left), Mache (right).
Pak Choi (left), Mache (right).

Pictured is a sample of some of the greens that were sown late last year. It’s about enough for a couple of salads and a nice stir-fry.

Very little growth happened between October and February. I’m guessing the slugs and the cold “got” about the same amount of stuff as is currently in the containers — with the exception of the Pak Choi and Mache, most everything else is still pretty small. Hopefully we’ll see an explosion of growth over the next 30-40 days, because after that it’s time to prep for the summer veg.

I’m inclined to give it one more try next winter, though I’d better get it Right if it’s going to be worth the effort.

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