Two Microclimates Part 2 — The Unhappy Campers A Little While Later

by A.J. Coltrane

[Eleven days ago it got really cold.]

The Romaine then:

141116 romaine3

The Romaine today:

141128 Romaine

It’s not all the way back, but it’s looking way perkier. I removed a few dead or rotted leaves, but not many. The picture is a good representation of what pulled through.

The Pak Choi then:

141116 pak choi

The Pak Choi today:

141128 Pak Choi

Some of the leaves are still a little “fried” looking. Overall the Pak Choi is somewhat more cold tolerant, and it shows.

I’ve been trying to determine the appropriate planting dates for winter veg. As of right now my best guess is:

October 14 – ((Average Germination Days) + (Days To Maturity))

In other words, everything should be done growing on October 14. That might be a week or two earlier than necessary, unfortunately it can’t be tested until next year. If we start with the assumption (this post) of an average of 10 Days To Germination and 50 Days To Maturity, it gives an August 14 planting date for the winter vegetables.

Which means direct seeding everything may be out of the question, since the summer vegetables are still going strong at that date.

I see seedling flats in my future.

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