Container Garden Update — September 14, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.

September 15, 2013 post here.

35 pounds of stuff today, 47 pounds for the week(!) We’re now over 200 pounds of produce for the year.

Today’s harvest. It mostly covered the dining room table:

140914 harvest

Tuesday looks paltry by comparison:

140909 harvest

I like this Tigerella photo:

140914 tigerella

Where did all that veg come from? The Taxis contributed over 10 pounds of it. The “before” picture:

140914 taxi roma before

That’s mostly odd-shaped Romas on the right. The “after” picture is next. Note that the Oregon Spring (front right) have been pruned down to the ground. If you look closely you’ll see the stub:

140914 taxi roma after

The Tigerella (left) and Sun Gold (right):

140914 tigerella sun gold

The Brussels Sprouts are finally getting going:

140914 brussels sprouts

Next up are three plants that about done, starting with the basil:

140914 basil

The cucumbers:

140914 cucumber

The once-mighty zucchini (though there are still a few fruits on the plant):

140914 zucchini

That’s ok though, we’ve started some Romaine and Arugula for the winter:

140914 arugula romaine

Something had been digging in the container, so I put up the hoops and covered the assembly with bird netting. It seems to have stopped the digging. The seedlings are about a week ahead of last year’s, though the first attempt in 2013 got wiped out by slugs.

Finally, a bonus boy cat pic. I think this week was supposed to be the girl’s “turn”, but here he is playing with a poor tomatillo:

140914 boy cat

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