Onions Are Durable

by A.J. Coltrane

Stir fry ingredients ready to go. Bunch onions from the backyard and King of the North peppers from the freezer:

140210 veg

That’s about 1/4 pound of cleaned onions.

Here are the same bunch onions in July. Tiny!

070713 new plants

What’s remarkable is that yesterday the neighborhood looked like this:

Cold oak.
Cold oak.

There’s still snow on the ground today. I’d never have guessed it was possible to harvest during snow season, but there it is.

In retrospect, the onions could use more elbow room this fall. I took the “bunch” in “bunch onions” too literally. I’m guessing the right answer is to wait until the basil is done for the year and spread out the onion through the entire box.

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