EarthBox Update — June 23, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous week here.

The Bibb finally bolted. Four plants produced almost exactly two pounds of leaves — right around 20 servings.  The Bibb wasn’t transplanted until late April, which was way too late, so I’m ok with that yield.

The tomatillos are now almost six feet tall. The shorter of the two has a fruit about the size of a ping pong ball, pictured below.

The peppers haven’t been digging the rain, I don’t think. At least two of the fruits have extensive black on them, which I’m guessing is some sort of rot. One of the plants is struggling with wilted and blackened leaves. Not good. It may be that the least resistant of the ten varieties are struggling — hopefully everything else can shrug it off.

The pics, starting with an overview:

062313 overview

Cocozelle zucchini blossoms have started blooming in the last week:

062313 squash blossoms

The basil. It’s doing well and providing some fresh pesto. Success with basil is what really sold the additional Earthboxes:

062313 basil

Tomatillo and tomatoes:

062313 tomatillo and tomato

The first tomatillo. These are supposed to drop out of the husk when ready. A net may be in order:

062313 tomatillo

Siletz tomatoes:

062313 siletz

Happy sweet pepper number one, lipstick:

062313 sweet pepper lipstick

Happy sweet pepper number two, gourmet:

062313 sweet pepper gourmet

Finally, these bugs are everywhere now. They’re called Leafhoppers. They’re neat looking, but they suck the life out of many of the plants. (Photo from There are only two types of bugs that hang out in plants. The bugs that eat the plants, and the bugs that eat the bugs that eat the plants. I have yet to see any predatory bugs, but I’ve seen plenty of the plant eaters:



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