"What is wrong with the large production of animals in this country?"

By Iron Chef Leftovers

A moderated discussion between Dana Cowin, Mario Batali, Chris Cosentino and Anya Fernald took place at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival recently. During that discussion Cowin asked, “What is wrong with the large production of animals in this country?”

Batali had this response:

What’s right with it? Meat is not produce with the intent of good animal husbandry technique, of animal health, which of course together means it’s not produce with the intention of producing a delicious product. Meat in this country often resembles the taste of cardboard.

He is right. They also go on to talk about using the whole animal, which is a very interesting read.

Unfortunately, the article does not seem to have the full transcript of the discussion, but it does have parts of it here. I will post the full transcript if I can find it at some point.

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