EarthBox Update — May 26, 2013

by A.J. Coltrane

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The basil and peppers are now permanently outside. And the Glacier tomato plant did this:

052413 glacier tomato

A picture of the sweet peppers. [Left to right, back row first — Tequila, Lipstick, King of the North, Gypsy, Gourmet, Cute Stuff.] The hot ones are in the box behind these [Banana, Early Jalapeno, Anaheim College 64. Also shallots, shiso, and lemongrass]:

052413 sweet peppers

Basil. Four Italian Sweet Basil, Purple, and the little one is Fino Verde:

052413 basil

The zucchini:

052413 zucchini

For comparison, here are the zucchini (right) on May 5:

earthbox midground 050513

The epazote gives off chemicals that other plants don’t like. So it got its own pot a little distance away:

052413 epazote

The cool weather plants. I’ve been using the “cut and come again” technique. (Cutting off the outside larger leaves, rather harvesting the whole head. The plants have been vigorously replacing the cut leaves.) The two romaine in the back box (right) were transplanted away from a sunny box to make room for the hot peppers. Everything should be happier with the new arrangement.

052413 cool weather


The photo is sort of green- on- green. The the way it goes sometimes.
The photo is sort of green- on- green. The the way it goes sometimes.

A visitor on the brussels sprouts:

052413 visitor



One thought on “EarthBox Update — May 26, 2013

  1. A little research later:

    That white “visitor” moth lays eggs on cabbage. The eggs become green/blue caterpillars which eat holes in the leaves of the cabbage.

    Google “white cabbage moth”. Or “white cabbage butterfly”.

    It matches the damage I’ve seen, which I had assumed was all slug damage.

    Something else to look out for.


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