Are There Free Refills With That?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

This conversation was supposedly overheard at Le Bernadin recently:

As my boyfriend and I are finishing a celebratory dinner at Le Bernardin, on West 55th Street, a couple in their 50s wearing festive sweaters sits down at the next table.
Waitress (to the couple): “Can I offer you a drink before dinner?”
Woman: “I’ll have an unsweetened iced tea.”
Waitress: “O.K.”
Woman: “Do you have free refills?”
Waitress: “Uh, I’m not sure. I’ll have to check.”
Woman: “Check, and if you do, then I’ll take it with ice. If you don’t have free refills, I’ll have it with the ice on the side.”
Waitress: “Got it.”

I am making an assumption here that we are talking about the dining room at Le Bernadin and not the lounge. If you are unfamiliar with Le Bernadin, it is a restaurant in NYC belonging to Bourdain-pal Eric Ripert and has 3 Michelin Star and 4 stars from the NY Times, oh and is considered to be the #19 restaurant in the world.

The menu is basically a bunch of fix priced offerings: between $124 and $194 per person, excluding tax, tip and beverages, depending on the options you choose (there is no al a carte menu). I find it hilarious that someone that is dropping a minimum of $160 per person is worried about a $5 glass of iced tea, if it is event that much. Some people just really confuse me.

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