Assorted Pics That Don’t Really Rate A Full Post On Their Own

by A.J. Coltrane

1.  I made this pizza a few days before I went to Zeek’s  pizza. It’s puffy in places, which is why it burned a little bit:


The Zeek’s people had a longish lightweight crowbar looking thing that they were using to punch down the “puffs” as they cropped up. It seemed like they had the doors to the ovens open quite a bit while doing they were busy punching the dough down. I wonder what temperature the pizzas were actually cooking at.


2.  Far and away the most symmetrical No Knead Bread I’ve ever made:


Purely by accident of course.


3.  More baguette experiments. I’m still not getting loaves that are as attractive as I’d like, though I feel I’m on the right track:


The “right” answer seems to be to visualize the dough with two imaginary lines running lengthwise along it, dividing it into 3rds. The slashing needs to all happen within the middle 3rd.


4.  A basket that was purchased for transporting bread. It was a little small for the purpose, and somebody had other ideas as to its intended use:


5.  Who knew a Sham-Wow let to dry on the edge of the tub could be so comfortable?



One thought on “Assorted Pics That Don’t Really Rate A Full Post On Their Own

  1. Bread, cats, is there really a difference? He sure does look comfortable though. The baguettes are getting there. You should keep experimenting and bring them over to the Iron Chef household for quality assurance purposes.


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