The Hellebore

Today was going to be a few pictures of the lettuces and their new setup. The weather has had other ideas — it’s been cool or cold most of the last two weeks and the lettuces are refusing to germinate. Instead, a few pictures of the hellebores that live in the southwest corner of the backyard.

While I was buying potting soil at the big box store I saw these on the clearance rack at about 1/4 the normal retail price. I picked up three. It’s been wet but not super-duper cold. They’re recovering well from the neglect:

The biggest and longest-established:

I’m always a fan of “droopy” flowers:

Finally, one of the relatively newer plants that we’re really fond of. It’s the one variety where I know the name — “Silver Prince”:

The evergreen trees above and and around the hellebores mostly live not in our yard. The neighbors decided to clean up some of the low-hanging branches, so the hellebores should see more sun and (rain) water going forward. They’ve been slow to grow but I’m hopeful they’ll start doing better with a little attention in the form of compost or fertilizer and possibly some mulch to help retain water in July and August.

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