The 2022 Garden Plant List

The 2022 garden plant list. Starting with a photo from the front, facing East:

The sun is just coming over the house catching the tops of the poles in front.

Left to right. Front: Rattlesnake (pole) beans (about 18), Roma Tomato (2 plants), Oregon Spring (2 plants), Roma Tomato (2 plants), Carmen Peppers (6 plants), King of the North Peppers (6 plants).

Next row back, from left: A Cherokee Chocolate tomato and a “Purple Bumblebee” Striped Cherry Tomato “dark purple and metallic green” sharing a box (both are indeterminant), Basil (6 plants in a box in the cold frame. It’s still getting sub-50 degrees at night.), “Slicing Cumbers” (4 plants under the A-frame trellis), then a whiskey barrel with annual flowers for pretty and bunch onions we let go to seed.

Next row, from left: Black Krim tomatoes (2 plants. Purple and indeterminate. Our favorite), the rear A-frame on the right has Fortex Pole Beans (about 30 plants, we use it as a haricot vert type of bean), on the far right, not visible is a dense box of garlic chives. The garlic chives will likely get replanted to one of the raised beds later in the year.

Back Row, from left: The large A-frame trellis with “Green” Tomatillos (2 plants) and Tromboncino Zucchini (2 plants). On the far right not visible is a box of scallions.

Over the last few years the Tromboncino yield has not been very good. I’m of the feeling that it may be at least partly because the flowers aren’t getting pollinated. And I’m not going to get in there with a tooth brush. So this year we “interplanted” them to share an A-frame with the Tomatillos. The tomatillos have a zillion flowers, so the hope is that the bees will pollinate the Tromboncino flowers by bumbling into them. (Pun sort of intended. Sort of not.)

Feeling clever. We’ll see if it helps.

Another overview from an angle. It’s mostly EarthBoxes with a few City Pickers:

We have three raised beds in the west side of the yard. One raised bed contains asparagus. One has chives, strawberries, and sage. The final bed has lavender, rosemary, oregano, and thyme. We have a big pot of raspberries at the other end of the patio.

Here’s hoping for good weather and no wildfire smoke.

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