Container Garden Update — August 11, 2019

The few days that we had in the 80’s didn’t last. Here in the north Seattle area it’s back to 70’s, overcast, and spotted showers.

190811 harvest 1

(Clockwise from top left — Roma tomatoes, Taxi, Oregon Cherry, Tromboncino zucchini, Carmen peppers, Oregon Spring tomatoes, Sun Gold.)

We harvested the Tromboncino at a relatively small size because there are two other fruits on the plant in the same place — the harvested fruit was directly between the two pictured here:

190811 tromboncino

We’ve found that three fruits that close together rarely ends well, so we pulled the one that was in the center.

On the other sheet tray is 2.5 pounds of Marketmore 76 cucumbers and 2.5 pounds of Fortex beans:

190811 harvest 2

We found three of those cucumbers after we thought we’d already found them all.

The bean plants are in the foreground (then tomatillo, cucumber, and the Tromboncino in the back right. For reference, the bean trellis is 6 feet tall.):

190811 beans

An overview from the “front”:

190811 overview

The Taxi and the Oregon Cherry continue to compete for space. The Taxi was ahead early in the year but the Oregon Cherry is making a comeback. The Roma box is to the top right of the picture:

190811 taxi oregon cherry roma

Two Oregon Spring sharing a box:

190811 oregon spring

One of the two Carmen boxes:

190811 carmen

If it doesn’t warm up again the basil are going to continue to be “meh”. They really perked up during the few warm days, but it’s back to cool and cloudy, and the plants look visibly worse:

190811 basil

Hopefully the weather gets warmer this coming week.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

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