Container Garden Update — July 28, 2019

It’s been a very mild summer. The Tromboncino zucchini aren’t doing much of anything but the beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are doing well.

Oregon Spring tomatoes are always our earliest producers. By the end of the season we should have harvested around 40 pounds total from the two plants in the box:

190728 oregon spring

The first Romas:

190728 roma

The Taxi is “sharing” a box with a less-than-stellar Oregon Cherry. The Taxi plant starts on the left…:

190728 taxi

The Sun Golds aren’t going quite as crazy as usual, but there are still fruits hiding among the vines:

190728 sun gold

More hiding — I’ve been sticking my head into the Fortex beans every couple of days. We’ve been harvesting around two pounds per week. I count at least eight in the picture below:

190728 fortex beans

Still more hiding — I didn’t see the cucumber on the left until I went to take a picture of the cucumber on the right:

190728 cucumbers

The Carmen peppers. :

190728 pepper

And finally, the basil. Something has been chewing on the basil a little bit. I’m hoping that if the weather warms up the basil will fight off the bugs:



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