2018 Garden Recap (Redo)

We lost every blog post after mid-September 2017 in the move to the new host and address. Public Service Message: Back Up Your Files Frequently!

The final 2018 Garden Yields And Notes:

195.5 pounds total.  That does not include the basil, beans, or anything from the salad table. A bit of a down year probably caused at least in part by extremes in the weather.


Black Krim — 19.5 pounds

Cherry Bomb — 5.9 pounds.

Hungarian Heart — 5.1 pounds. These were mislabeled at the plant sale. They don’t really have anything going for them and we won’t do them again.

Oregon Spring — 28.4 pounds — A good indicator of just how “down” the garden was this year. Last year was 48.0 pounds.

Roma — 2 plants — 23.9 pounds — Down from 31.6 pounds last year.

Paisano — 16.8 pounds. An experiment looking for a sauce tomato other than Roma.

Taxi — 5.2 pounds.  Down from 22.7 pounds in 2016.


Verde — 4 plants — 24.9 pounds. These were somewhat smothered by the pole beans (Fortex and Rattlesnake) that I put on the south side of the tomatillo trellises. This year the beans are going on the north side of the arrangements.


Marketmore 76 — 1 box, 4 plants — 31.2 pounds. These were also in competition with the beans. 31.2 pounds was ok considering the circumstances. The cucumbers maintained “good shaped fruits” longer than most years.


Tromboncino — 1 box, 2 plants — 14.3 pounds. A lowish yield.


Peppers are 6 plants to a box. This year both of the boxes fell over. We lost some fruit to that event.

Carmen — 6 plants — 17.7 pounds.

Jimmy Nardello — 3 plants — 1.8 pounds. Still trying to get a big yield out of these, maybe 2019 will be that year.

“Hot” — 3 plant — 0.7 pounds.  Not impressive. Fortunately we have lots and lots of hot peppers in the freezer.

Bonus Pics of the 2018 garden:

The garden at the end of July. Tomatoes center and left. Peppers to the right, basil on the right end. The back left is tomatoes with Tromboncino in the far back left. The back center has the tomatillos, cucumbers, and beans.

180729 overview

The beans smothering the tomatillos and cucumbers. Lesson learned.

180826 beans

The tomatillo harvest. It got to the point that we had to harvest as they weren’t getting much sunlight. We roast these and turn them into proto green salsa or we use the proto salsa to marinade pork or chicken.

180826 tomatillo

A late-September harvest. I think the final one.

boy cat harvest 180924

The last of the beans. (Rattlesnake top, Fortex bottom.) These were all dried. Some of the Fortex were re-planted in 2019.

181014 beans

A caprese, with a few peppers to liven it up.

180909 carpese


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