2017 Garden Recap (Redo)

We lost every blog post after mid-September 2017 in the move to the new host and address. Public Service Message: Back Up Your Files Frequently!

The final 2017 Garden Yields And Notes:

238.6 pounds total.  That does not include the basil, beans, or anything from the salad table. 


Black Krim — 20.9 pounds — Rich, dark, earthy tasting fruit. Our favorite.

Cherokee Purple — 10.5 pounds

Old German — 19.9 pounds

Oregon Spring — 48.0 pounds — Always early and always hugely prolific.

Roma (2 plants(?)) — 31.6 pounds — The earliest, and therefore most consistent classic sauce tomato.

Siletz — 15.1 pounds. The Siletz was a fill-in for the melons that didn’t survive.

I think we did one Taxi. We usually get ~20 pounds per Taxi plant. I may have deleted that spreadsheet column in my fervor to clean up.


Verde — 2 plants — 12.1 pounds. A low yield. I believe we had one plant not do well.


Marketmore 76 — 1 box, 4 plants — 38.5 pounds. Pretty average yield.


Minnesota Midget — 1/2 box — 4.7 pounds of really bland fruit. They were an experiment, and they didn’t work out. No more melons in our future gardens.


Tromboncino — 1 box, 4 plants — 3.8 pounds. They’re only supposed to be 2 plants to a box. I bought four by accident and thought it was worth a try. Nope. It killed the yield.


Peppers are 6 plants to a box. Average yield has been right around 2 pounds per plant- 

Anaheim (probably College) — 2 plants — 0.4 pounds total

“Bell” — 1 plant — 2.1 pounds

Chocolate — 1 plant — 1.1 pounds

Carmen — 6 plants — 15.0 pounds.  Our favorite. Easy to clean and process. Just pop off the top and out go all the seeds.

Jimmy Nardello — 1 plant — 0.6 pounds. A frying pepper that (with the benefit of hindsight) we like and have continued to grow.

King of the North — 6 plants — 5.4 pounds. These have basically been supplanted by Carmens. The taste is very close and the Carmens yield a lot better.

Lilac — 1 plant — 1.3 pounds.  Not impressive.

Bonus pics of the 2017 garden:

170904 carmen

170908 harvest Friday

170813 overview after








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