Container Garden Update — August 20, 2017


Fall is approaching. There are lots of tomatoes but they’d better hurry up!

The Romas. To be fair, we harvested the 8 ripest fruits last night, so these are all leaning green:

170820 roma

This is going to be the biggest Black Krim we’ve ever seen:

170820 black krim

This is our first year with the Old German variety. This one is close to ready, it’s supposed to get some amount of red to go with all that orange:

170820 old german

We harvested around three pounds of Oregon Springs last night. There’s still a crazy amount of fruit on the plants. Here’s a picture from the west facing “front”:

170820 oregon spring front

And the east facing “back”:

170820 orgeon spring back

The south side looks more or less the same, but short of some amazing gymnastics that picture isn’t happening.

One of the bell pepper plants:

170820 bell pepper

This is why we commited a full box to Carmens:

170820 carmen

It seems lots of people love growing Jimmy Nardellos. We grew 1/2 box (3 plants) for the first time this year, and I have high hopes:

170820 jimmy nardello

The cucumbers are having a good year. I’d guess we’ve already harvested 20 pounds or so:

170820 cucumber

By contrast, the Tromboncino are underperforming. Which is odd, because the leaves look relatively good this year, but the fruits are doing poorly. I doubt we’ll get 20 pounds:

170820 zucchini

Here’s why we do basil from starts, and grow it in Earthboxes. We harvest from this box daily and it just keeps bouncing back and producing even more:

170820 basil 2

This is the basil we started from seed and grew in a whiskey barrel. It’s basically the same number of plants as are in the previous photo. The beans were planted recently and they’re going to outgrow the basil. Note the Earthbox of basil on the back left:

170820 basil 1

The Minnesota Midget Melons. They’re not ripening yet. I counted seven of them today on our one plant:

170820 melon

The filet beans are still producing well. They’re in a whiskey barrel. They’re not picky:

170820 beans

An overview:

170820 overview

Note the clear containers tucked between the Earthboxes. They contain winter seedlings, which will be divided around the whiskey barrels, Earthboxes, and the salad table.  Here are Arugula, Winter Cress, and Mache. The Mache is off to a slow start:

170820 seedlings 1

Dill, Parsley, and Leeks:

170820 seedlings 2

Three other containers have Spinach, Chard, Romaine, Cilantro, more Mache, Scallions, Shallots, etc.

I “prettied up” the salad table. It’s right by the front door. The stakes were crooked and the shade cloth looked “thrown together”.  It’s not perfect now but it’s way more presentable. Step 1:

170820 salad table 1

I then ran a piece of shade cloth over the top and down the side that faces the house. The south-facing “front” went on last. There are two clips on the left side that can be used to get access to the plants:

170820 salad table front

The empty spaces will receive many of the seedlings from the back yard. There are also baby Cilantro and Miner’s lettuce on the 2nd tier.

From the north side “back”:

170820 salad table back

We planted the peas about 17 days ago. Then we had a couple of 90 degree days. The peas seem to have tolerated it well.

Next year I’m going succession plant romaine at least weekly. This once a month thing I’ve been trying leaves gaps in production. We’d had lots of salads the last 10 days though.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

2 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — August 20, 2017

  1. What a great little garden you have! Oh wow, so many tomatoes and peppers, that is awesome! Your plants look beautiful and healthy. Trombonccinno likes it hot, but with lots of water to prevent wilting; maybe you aren’t hot enough? On the other hand, my plants seem to have disappeared amongst the Red Kuri and the Spaghetti squash. Last year 5 or so plants gave me over 300 pounds….


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