Container Garden Update — July 30, 2017


It’s supposed to get hot this week. So far the harvests have been small and steady. The garden will likely go crazy starting in a few days.

The Tromboncino:

170730 zucchini

The tomatillos. It’s (past) time to run twine to support the lanky branches, they’re in danger of breaking off. Note the seedlings in the foreground:

170730 tomatillo

The winter veg seedlings. They’re somewhat protected from the sun by a Siletz tomato, but I plan to throw some shade cloth over them for the worst of the upcoming heat. They’re covered with bird netting to keep out the critters. We water into the bottoms of the containers and let the pots take up what they need — it seems to work for the EarthBoxes, so.. :

170730 seedlings

Pictured below are the plants that help protect the seedlings from the hot evening sun — Minnesota Midget melons and a Siletz tomato. The melon plants are getting big, but I still don’t see much of anything in the way of fruit. The Siletz should provide 10-15 pounds of fruit, so the box won’t be a total bust, even if the melons “fail”:

170730 melon

The cucumbers are looking very healthy and productive this year:

170730 cucumber

Further into the center of the garden are the Old German tomato (left) and Black Krim (right). The Old German has been a pleasant surprise:

170730 old german and black krim

The Oregon Spring are not a surprise. There are layers and layers of tomatoes in the interior that can’t be seen in the photo:

170730 oregon spring

The Romas:

170730 roma

One of the bell pepper plants:

170730 bell pepper

The Carmen peppers. We gave them a full box this year and they’re proving to be worth it, again:

170730 carmen

An overview from the “hill”. We now are overrun by the basil (far right front):

170730 overview


It’s about time for the harvest “work” to start.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

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