Earthbox Covers At A Fraction Of The Price


EarthBox covers are sort of necessary evil. The covers that the company sells are of marginal quality, and they run around $2, each.

Instead we go to Home Depot and buy a roll 10′ x 25′ x 3.5 mil black plastic. Right now a roll is $12. The finished cost per cover is 20 cents, each.

To create the covers, unfurl the roll. The folded, short dimension is the 10′ length. Without unfolding it, cut it into 3′ pieces. You’ll get 8 pieces with 1′ left over at the end:

170504 Earthbox cover1

Then unfold each 3′ x 10′ section. Cut those every 24″, making five covers at 2′ long apiece.

170504 Earthbox cover2

As it turns out, the folds happen at about 8″ intervals and it makes measuring easy. They’re straight too, which is good if your scissors tend to wander.

To “attach” a cover to an EarthBox get a putty knife and tuck the plastic between the sides of the EarthBox and the dirt.

It’s easy to do, and we now spend $2.40 on covers per year instead of $20+.


I want my two dollars!


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