Container Garden Update — September 26, 2016

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.

September 27, 2015 here. September 29, 2014 post here.  September 30, 2013 post here.

The last of it:


That brings us to 194.3 pounds — well short of 2015:

2013 total:  228.0 pounds

2014 total:  269.4 pounds

2015 total:  282.5 pounds

2016 total:  194.3 pounds

To be fair, we didn’t weigh any of the salad greens, garlic, or scallions that weren’t part of the “main season” harvest. I’d estimate that would amount to around 10-15 pounds.

Overall the summer was too cloudy and cool for the garden to really go gangbusters. Certain plants, such as the Sun Gold tomato and Tromboncino were way off their previous levels. Most of the other plants were “off” at least somewhat. I’ll go into the details in upcoming “Recap” posts.

As for the “Winter Garden”:  Five of the EarthBoxes now have garlic that I planted last week. Another whiskey barrel has shallots and mache. All of those are securely covered with bird netting to keep out the squirrels. The salad table is status is shown in the previous post here. I’m pretty certain it’s too late now to consider starting anything else — October is next week. Still, I think we did a better job this year of timing the salad table with the onset of cold weather.

Both freezers are completely jammed full of veggies, and today’s harvest is still on the counter. I’m going to declare this season a low-maintenance non-failure, despite the sub-par productivity.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.


One thought on “Container Garden Update — September 26, 2016

  1. The weather sure plays a big role in how well a garden performs, that is for sure. I like the ‘low-maintenance non-failure’ tag! Some things can’t be helped, and as long as the gardener is okay with it I don’t think it matters.


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