Container Garden Update — July 17, 2016

by A.J. Coltane

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We’ve been thinning out some of the Tromboncino zucchini with the idea that the plant only has a finite amount of energy to pour into fruits.

A photo of a few small zucchini and the first cucumber:

160717 harvest

I tried to bend the Tromboncino over the top of the 8′ trellis. I’ve done it in previous years. This time I bent a little too hard, and the plant now has a 90 degree angle turn at the top. Hopefully it won’t die above that point:

160717 tromboncino

Some of the basil became part of a pizza Margherita:

63% hydration, 3% oil. Last year's frozen "assorted tomatoes" as sauce.
63% hydration, 3% oil. Last year’s frozen “assorted tomatoes” as sauce.

The Basil plants pose with Marigolds. Peppers back left, cucumbers back right:

160717 basil

The Taxi are getting close:

160717 taxi

The Tomatillos continue to produce huge husks:

160717 tomatillo

The Jersey Knight asparagus and strawberries now have a fence between them and the weeds. The strawberries came with the house. They were in a bad location, so we moved them. They’re loving the new place it seems:

160717 strawberry asparagus


An overview. Tomatoes on the left. Peppers front center. Basil on the right. Zucchini back left. Tomatillos back center. Cucumbers back right:

160717 overview


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

2 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — July 17, 2016

  1. I got my first Tromboncino today, but not 3 like you. I am thinking it will take more than a 90 degree bend to kill it off though! I sometimes pinch back my vining squash and cucumbers it it just makes them bush out with more vines. Your plants are sure looking healthy to me!


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