Sometimes Things Don’t Go The Way You Thought They Would — The 2016 Plant List

by A.J. Coltrane

On May 7 we showed up early for the May Tilth Edible Plant Sale. Unfortunately they actually held the sale on April 30(!)

Every year the sale had been on the first Saturday in May. Not this year.

Improvisation time. We had twelve EarthBoxes to fill, and time to go to two nurseries–

The Tomatoes:

The Big Idea What Happened
Black Krim Black Krim
Sun Gold Sun Gold
Oregon Spring Oregon Spring
Taxi Taxi
Roma Roma
Yellow Pear Yellow Pear
Paul Robeson Paul Robeson
Cherokee Purple Cherokee Purple

Not bad. We had hoped for a small, short-season melon called “Minnesota Midget”. Neither of the nurseries we hit had a melon like that, so we chose to cut bait and grow an “extra” box of tomatoes instead. It all breaks out to two Cherry Tomatoes (Sun Gold and Yellow Pear), three “Purple” Tomatoes (Paul Robeson, Black Krim, and Cherokee Purple), two “early” tomatoes (Oregon Spring and yellow Taxis), one Sauce tomato (Roma), the striped Tigerella, and a pink/red Valencia.

Ten tomatoes = five boxes. That left seven boxes to go.

The Peppers:

# The Big Idea What Happened
1 Anaheim College 64 Anaheim
2 Early Jalapeno Jalapeno
3 Hungarian Hot Wax Anaheim
4 Numex Highlander Anaheim
5 King of the North Orange Bell
6 King of the North Red Bell
7 King of the North Melrose
8 King of the North Red Beauty
9 King of the North Baron
10 King of the North Ace
11 Iko Iko Orange Sun
12 Iko Iko Serrano
13 Carmen Carmen
14 Carmen Carmen
15 Carmen Serrano
16 Carmen Serrano
17 Gypsy Gypsy
18 Jimmy Nardello Gypsy

Well, sorta. I was happy that we got Serrano, and the King of the North was replaced with other assorted bell peppers… I’m fine with the way the peppers shook out. Three boxes of peppers makes for a total of eight boxes filled.

The Cucumbers:

# The Big Idea What Happened
1 Marketmore 64 Marketmore
2 Marketmore 64 Marketmore
3 Marketmore 64 Marketmore
4 Marketmore 64 Marketmore

Which Marketmore did we get specifically? Who knows. Hopefully “in the ballpark” is close enough. I feel ok with it, and we’re down to three boxes to go.

The Tomatillos:

This year Tilth didn’t offer either of the types that we’ve grown in the past — “Mexican Strain” or “De Mipa”. We selected “Verde” as the replacement. It turned out that the first nursery that we hit had “Verde”, so…

# The Big Idea What Happened
1 “Verde” “Verde”
2 “Verde” “Verde”

Ding! We’re down to two boxes to go.

One box with basil plants will be a gimme. We’ll buy starts in the next 10-14 days. We’re going to try basil from seed this year too. We’re covered regardless. One box to go, and it’s intended to have Tromboncino Zucchini…..

And today a nice woman at the nursery helped me find one of the two Tromboncino plants for the last box. It was labeled with the alternate “Rampincante” name. With any luck they’ll have the last plant back in stock on Tuesday.


One thought on “Sometimes Things Don’t Go The Way You Thought They Would — The 2016 Plant List

  1. Oh well, looks like you did reasonably well under the circumstances! Either my tastes are too eclectic, our our nurseries leave a lot to be desired, because I usually am disappointed when I shop for veggies and herb plants. It looks like you did wind up with a nice mix of tomatoes and peppers.


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