The Salad Table And Peas On March 9, 2016

by A.J. Coltrane

An update of the salad table and peas, one month later. It’s raining hard today.

Here are the peas, which were planted on February 8. Last weekend we put up the stakes and netting:

160309 peas

I may try running some twine from the pots to the netting to help the peas figure it out. The netting is to the south of the pots though, so hopefully the peas will just sort of lean that way.

The very small arugula:

160309 arugula

The front of the salad table (the peas and netting are about two feet to my left):

160309 salad table

That’s a big pile of miner’s lettuce. It’s proving to be a weed — I may need to put a board or something down widthwise across the table to keep it from completely taking over.

One nice thing about gardening in the winter and spring — no need to be worried about watering.


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