Too Many Seeds, Probably

by A.J. Coltrane

As usual, I may have gotten a little too enthusiastic about shopping for seeds. The new batch from Territorial Seed:

Basil-Sweet 2016
Bee Feed Flower Mix 2016
Bright Lights Swiss Chard 2016
Conservor Shallots 2016
Coriander-Confetti 2016
Dill-Dukat 2016
Flower Mix-Beneficial Bug 2016
French Breakfast Radish 2016
Garden Cress 2016
Giant Musselburgh Leek 2016
Giants Of Colmar Carrots 2016
Miners Lettuce 2016
Nasturtium-Jewel Mix 2016
New Zealand Spinach 2016
Red Baron Onion 2016
Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts 2016
Roquette Salad Arugula 2016

It’s a mix of things that have worked well in the past and some new things I’m eager to try out-

  1.  Basil plants seem to reach a point in age where the leaves just don’t taste as good. I’d like to try “succession planting” basil this year to see if we can harvest nothing but optimum leaves.
  2.  We purchased four more, somewhat smaller “whiskey barrels” over the weekend. This summer they’re going to house a combination of Bright Lights Chard, Bee Feed Flower Mix, Beneficial Bug Mix, Nasturtiums (which are edible as well as attractive), and a hodge-podge of whatever else might fit.
  3.  The Garden Cress, Arugula, Miner’s Lettuce, Confetti Coriander (cilantro, this variety is supposed to be slow to bolt), Dill-Dukat (ditto), and New Zealand Spinach (which likes hot weather) will go into the salad table with the existing Miner’s Lettuce. The Garden Cress and New Zealand Spinach are new. I have high hopes for the New Zealand Spinach in particular. We’ll see how the Garden Cress does, it may want more consistent water than will be provided.

Of course, we still have little bits of packages to use up. I have them rubber banded together in groups, this first group is “Salad Table” (the “year” is the year the seed was packed for.)

Dill–Dukat 2014
Coriander-Confetti 2014
Romaine Jericho 2014
Romaine Little Gem 2014
Romaine Winter Density 2014
Roquette Salad Arugula 2014
Spinach-Savoy 2014

And a “Spring 2016?” group of packages:

Radicchio 2014
Parsley 2014
French Breakfast Radish 2014
Cherry Bell Radish 2014
Flower-Brocade Mix 2014

“Fall 2015”:

Romaine Winter Density 2015
Super Sugar Snap Peas 2015
Roquette Salad Arugula 2015
Coriander – Santo 2015
Dill – Fernleaf 2015

Finally, “Winter Backyard 2015”:

Five Color Chard 2016
Mache 2015
Dragon Radish 2014
Mache 2014
Conservor Shallots 2015
Red Baron Onion 2015
Conservor Shallots 2014
Napa Hybrid Carrot 2014

The “Winter Backyard 2015” group is currently growing in the whiskey barrels and EarthBoxes, as well as around 50ish heads of garlic. The mild spring means that the growth rate of the overwintering survivors is really starting pick up.

The transition from winter things to summer things may be “interesting”.

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