Recommended Food TV: BBQ With Franklin

by A.J. Coltrane

I recently “found” a new show — BBQ With Franklin. Hosted by Texas pitmaster Aaron Franklin, the show covers topics such as:

  1.  The different varieties of wood and selecting the appropriate piece for the application.
  2.  Making sausage.
  3.  Comparing different types of smokers, and how to build one from scratch.
  4.  Brisket. Chicken. Pork. Other cuts of cow.
  5.  “Cowboy” style (direct heat) cooking.
  6.  Sauces.
  7.  Competition BBQ.
  8.  Lots more.

As an example, here’s a piece focused on smoking sausage:

I think he has a nice, low-key presentation style. The information given is clear and concise, and he often includes nuances that aren’t all that obvious without experience in the subject. When watching I’ve had many “Oh.. That’s why it’s done that way!” moments.

It airs locally on CreateTV.  Episodes are available on the web here. YouTube channel is here.

Highly recommended viewing!


3 thoughts on “Recommended Food TV: BBQ With Franklin

  1. I’ve been learning a lot from these shows, and I’ve only seen two episodes! Any unanswered questions I have are covered either in supplementary posts or short vids I find on the website or his YouTube channel. I’m a barbecue novice, so it’s all pretty new to me, but you can be sure I’m going to be trying my hand at a twelve-hour cook on a brisket over the holidays.


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