Container Garden Update — August 9, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.  August 10, 2014 post here.  August 11, 2013 post here.

Total harvest for the week was 13.5 pounds. It was a little bit of everything, including the first Oregon Spring tomatoes and a sheet tray of tomatillos. We roasted the tomatillos, buzzed them up, and froze them for easy future green salsa (The link is to Rick Bayless’ Roasted Tomatillo Salsa on this website. It’s especially good when combined with avacado.)

Wednesday — (L-R) Two Tromboncino, Sun Gold tomatoes, Sweet Million tomatoes, tomatillos, a Lemon cucumber, Tigerella tomatoes:

150805 harvest

Friday — (L-R) Oregon Spring tomatoes, Sweet Million tomatoes, Lemon cucumber, tomatillos, Tigerella tomatoes, Tromboncino, Sun Gold tomatoes.

150807 harvest

I expect it’s going to be an even bigger week this week — everything pictured below is still on the plants.

We’re almost even with last year’s total harvest of Tromboncino, and there are still more to come. (20.7 pounds in 2014. 19.0 pounds to date this year.)


An overview from a 2nd-story window. In retrospect, we had the same bright idea for this perspective in the 2013 post linked above..

150809 overview

The peppers are ripening. The Carmen:

150809 carmen

Iko Iko:

150809 iko iko

The Lemon cucumbers are still cruising along. The others varieties have all gone pfffft. I may remove the Marketmore vines this week and plant garlic or scallions in that box. The Lemons:

150809 lemon

We’re going to have a lot of tomatillos this year:

150809  tomatillo

The Cosmonaut Volkov tomato plant is finally “doing something”. The color of the leaves hasn’t ever been very good, and it hadn’t been growing much fruit, but the vegetative growth was crazy. I trimmed back the tops of the plant, and it seemed to set more fruit after that… or the fruit set was going to happen anyway…

150809 cosmonaut volkov

The Black Krims:

150809 black krim


150809 taxi

The Taxis are sharing a box with the Oregon Springs:

150809 oregon spring

The Romas:

150809 roma

This week will see some side-by-side tomato tasting!

On Wednesday we sowed spinach, cilantro, and dill in the salad table. The spinach is already popping up. The spinach should overwinter. We’ll enjoy fresh cilantro and dill for as long as it lasts:

150809 salad table


2013 total weight to date:  37.0 pounds

2014 total weight to date:  44.1 pounds

2015 total weight to date:  81.5 pounds

More Progress!


Visit Daphne’s Dandelions, host of Harvest Monday.


5 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — August 9, 2015

  1. Envious of the trombonicino – with it’s late start this year, mine hasn’t even started to flower yet. Those Iko Iko peppers look so interesting – are they a hot or sweet variety?


  2. The Iko Iko are sweet. What’s interesting is that the “black” peppers in the background of that photo is another plant, also purchased as Iko Iko. It appears that maybe sometimes they’re light and sometimes they’re dark. Very odd. We’re looking forward to tasting and comparing.

    We got one more largish Tromboncino on Monday. There are a few more (that are under 1′), mostly towards the bottom of the vines on new growth. We’ll see what we get.


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