Container Garden Update — June 14, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.  June 21, 2014 post here.  June 16, 2013 post here.

Reviewing the pictures, this post is very similar to the June 21 post of last year. I even took pictures of most of the same things (Oregon Spring tomatoes, King of the North Peppers, the first Tromboncino zucchini.)

But I’m just now figuring that out, so here goes, starting with the overview:

150614 overview

Overall, I’d say we’re basically one week’s growth ahead of last year.

The basil — The mass is loosely the same as 2014, it’s just sprawled out:

150614 basil

The Tromboncino zucchini. They’re a little less than six feet tall:

150614 zucchini plant

The biggest zucchini. It’s around 4-5 inches long:

150614 zucchini

The tomatoes are trying to escape their cages. This one had to be coaxed back in:

150614 tomato

The Oregon Spring:

150614 oregon spring

It feels like we’re not seeing as many bees this year. Hopefully they’ll find the tomatillos attractive over the next few days:

150614 tomatillo

The biggest King of the North. I may hit them with diatomaceous earth sooner than later. In theory it should keep the earwigs from eating holes in the peppers:

150614 bell pepper

Because I haven’t done a picture of these in a while, the Marketmore 76 cucumbers:

150614 marketmore cucumber

One thought on “Container Garden Update — June 14, 2015

  1. i have three small fruit on my Indigo Rose tomato, but nothing elsewhere. But I think I am also ahead of last year, which was a start-from-seed year experiment for me. Good thing, too.


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