Container Garden Update — May 31, 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here. June 1, 2014 mini post here. June 7, 2014 post here. (Note the basil, third picture down, front right. More on that below.)

The growth in the garden is accelerating rapidly — here are the first tomatoes (Sweet Million):

150531 sweet million

The potted raspberries have around 100 fruits or so. It’s year three and they’re really getting going. There’s bird netting strung up over the cage:

150531 raspberry

The cucumbers and zucchini simultaneously decided it was time to start getting grabby. The “Calypso” cucumbers:

150531 calypso cucumber

The Tromboncino:

150531 tromboncino

Today saw the first dose of calcium nitrate for the tomato plants (1 tsp down the feed tube). Tomorrow I’m going to try a milk/water solution on the leaves of the zucchini as a preventative against powdery mildew. Hope it works.


As compared to last year, this year’s basil is twisted, floppy, and sickly looking. The plan is now to harvest it next week and try again with better starts. I don’t think we’ll be using Tilth for basil anymore. Bah.

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