Start Yer Engines

by A.J. Coltrane

Today was “prep the Earthboxes for summer planting” day. Translated, that means:  “Remove anything leftover, mix in dolomite, saturate the soil, and cover with plastic.

It actually wound up being a little easier this year, since I’d already removed the fertilizer strips from all but one box. The carrots, radishes, cilantro, and parsley got harvested:

150419 Harvest

Sort of a hodge-podge of stuff. The red “roots” on the top right are “Dragon” radishes that never got very big in diameter.

We left the three winter boxes with leeks, scallions, and garlic. We’ll harvest those at the last minute — the tomatoes aren’t going to go into the boxes for a few weeks yet.

Time to make a list from the Seattle Tilth plant sale list!


By request, the process to set up an Earthbox. (She disabled embedding, hence the link.)

Note that she said that there aren’t measurements for the dolomite and fertilizer. That’s wrong. The measurements are 1 pound of dolomite and either 2 cups of inorganic fertilizer or 3 cups of organic fertilizer.

That, and we saturate the bejeezus out of the box before covering.


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