Ming Tsai’s Shallot Pancakes Revisited

by A.J. Coltrane

It’s been a while since we’ve had Ming Tsai’s Shallot Pancakes. (a.k.a. Hot Water Dough. Original Ming Tsai recipe here.)

It must be a “cold weather dish” — the last CSE Shallot Pancake post was dated January 12.

Photos from tonight’s attempt:

141228 hot water dough

Note the dough lamination. Layers of sesame oil, canola oil, and shallots create the air pockets:

141228 hot water dough 2

One key is to make sure that the final product is somewhat thin, so that it cooks through reasonably quickly over medium heat.

We’ll have to make this again sooner than later. I think I’ve had focaccia and other rustic breads on the brain.

Finally, the first test photo on the new memory card:

141228 girl cat

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