A Few Thoughts On Destiny (The Game)

by A.J. Coltrane

Thoughts on Destiny.  For reference – I got to level 25 (of 30) before the expansion. (Read as: I got part of the way into the endgame before it went behind a paywall of downloadable content):

1.  It’s a fun, relatively fast-paced shooter.

2.  There are a limited number of gun types, and each weapon of a given type behaves more or less the same. The only real difference is the increased damage output as you swap up. The guns are more varied and “fun” in Borderlands.

3.  The aim assist is a little over the top. I’d find myself fighting the reticle at times. Example:  An enemy dives behind a wall, the reticle tries to follow to point at the wall, not at the spot where the enemy is going to stick his head out.

4.  The endgame is cooperative and requires a mic and a large friends list to play effectively. If you don’t want to deal with the usual online nitwits then you’re out of luck.

5.  The expansion compounded issue #4 by also locking a bunch of the solo content behind the paywall.

I think that pretty well sums it up. I was just getting to the point where I was really going to need to start to grind to make progress towards the endgame, but it was still potentially doable while playing not frequently and casually. I wasn’t about to turn on the mic for this game (#4), so maybe I was “done” anyway. The new paywall (#5) finished me off.

Still, if you can get it for free, as I did, and you don’t mind punting the endgame then it represents a few hours of entertaining shooting. I’m not categorizing it as a “Recommended Game” because you’re really buying about half the game with the initial purchase. It’s bait and switch and it sucks.

Here’s a more thorough review by somebody who paid for the expansion (DLC) and got further than I did.

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