Container Garden Update — October 19, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

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Row covers:

141019 cold frames1

Everything is arranged under the deck. The afternoon and evening sun hits the boxes — I *think* there’s adequate light.

The south end. These boxes get direct afternoon sun for a couple of hours, at least:

141019 cold frames2

The bit of green visible through the row cover:

141019 pak choi spinach

Pak Choi in the right-hand box, interplanted with spinach. The box on the left is a mono-spinach box.

One more overview:

141019 cold frames3

The cold frame separates the two “banks” of boxes. There is another box with carrots inside the cold frame.

In theory the row covers will break the worst of the wind and rain. The microclimate should be vaguely warmer, calmer, and drier.

It may be that the “right answer” is to build cold frames to go over the row covers. Maybe next year.


Row cover link. The 5′ width fits nicely over the 9 gauge wire frames. It cut easily to the length needed.


2 thoughts on “Container Garden Update — October 19, 2014

  1. I hadn’t considered the light-diffusing aspect. Good call.

    I see that a big box store carries 2′ x 8′ twin wall polycarbonate which would be suitable for a cold frame… hmmmm.


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