Container Garden Update — September 21, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

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September 22, 2013 post here.

It seems like only yesterday…. Here’s July 24:

140724 overview 2

And today:

140921 tomato zuchinni

The cucumbers are behind me for this picture. Over the last few days we’ve pulled the tomatillos, Romas, Krims, and Oregon Spring tomatoes.

The tomatillos were starting to drop fruit on the ground in earnest. It seemed like a good time to cut our losses and harvest regardless of the size of the fruit. On the left sheet tray is ten pounds of Romas.

140920 harvest

The basil, post harvest, and cucumbers:

140921 basil cucumber

A closeup of the Taxis. We’ll probably pull this plant in the next few days, depending upon the forecast:

140921 taxi

The zuchinni are winding down too, though parts of the plants are still trying to produce:

140921 zuchinni

The peppers are still doing well. The Pasillas (right) and Thai Hot (left). I think the big yellow ones are Gypsy (?):

140921 pasilla pepper


140921 anaheim

Brussels Sprouts. They’re finally getting towards harvestable:

140921 brussels sprouts

The two empty EarthBoxes were planted today with bunch onions (scallions) a variety of nantes carrots. The little 2″ pots also have bunch onions. The “whisky barrel” has romaine (Winter Density) and arugula. Hopefully these haven’t been started too late:

140921 future food

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