Container Garden Update — September 7, 2014

by A.J. Coltrane

Previous post here.

September 8, 2013 post here.

The garden looks quite a bit different this year. The Gypsy peppers are much riper:

140906 Gypsy

The white stuff is diatomaceous earth. The bugs didn’t attack the Gypsy peppers so maybe it’s helping.

The Thai Hot peppers are ripening nicely too:

140906 thai hot

The tomato plants have been pruned more aggressively this year. The Taxis are all coloring together:

140906 Taxi

The Oregon Spring (right) and Roma (left). The Roma plant is shorter this year and it has fewer fruits. The flipside is that the Roma fruits are much larger than 2013’s:

140906 roma oregon spring

The Tigerella (left) and Sun Gold (right). The Tigerallas initially ripened fast, it’s slowed down lately:

140906 Tigerella Sun Gold

The basil is getting towards done. We’ve been discussing the right time to whack it. One nice thing about this blog — I can see that the basil “final harvest” date last year was September 27:

140906 basil

In a front yard half-barrel we’ve started spinach and cilantro. The half-barrel in the back yard has arugula and romaine (Winter Density). Hopefully they’ll look like something by next week.

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